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From Chris Howe <>
Subject Re: Making a non ASF project, ASF friendly
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 23:05:03 GMT

--- J Aaron Farr <> wrote:

> On 1/6/07, Chris Howe <> wrote:
> > Scenario:
> > A project (Project A) is set up on Source Forge by
> > individuals as the only legal entities.  Project A
> is
> > setup under the Apache License V2.  What would
> Project
> > A need to do beforehand to ensure that all code
> > committed to Project A's SVN is available for an
> > existing ASF project to incorporate into it's code
> > base in  the following scenarios:
> From a purely legal and policy standpoint, any AL2
> licensed work can
> be included in an ASF work.  So all your situations
> should be fine
> just by having the project use the Apache
> License.  The only
> tricky part is if a contribution is "significant"
> and that's only
> because of policy not license restrictions.
> -- 
>   jaaron

Since these contributions are largely derivative works
of a project for which the ASF holds a copyright, is
it possible for contributors to the sourceforge
project to assign their copyright to the ASF and avoid
any mess whatsoever?

(I suspect this is not possible because the ASF may
need to be assured in some way that the contributions
are indeed original works and being an "unofficial"
project outside of the ASF umbrella makes this difficult)

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