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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: WSRP4j Was: [VOTE] Retire AltRMI
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 13:47:31 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> Thanks Carsten,
> Anyone have any idea if it is a complete wsrp implementation and the
> only commits are bugfixes, or is there active work?
The current implementation is more or less complete, which means it
implements most of the spec. I think some optional parts are not
The current work is more a refactoring than bugfixes. The original code
was not very...well...maintainable and ..ehm.. rather complicated to
understand. With the ongoing work, the code base got cleaner and layered
and therefore better understandable and usable.

> Is there a new spec version coming that means it needs updating?
Yes, WSRP 2.0 is coming (I think in a short timeframe) and I'm not aware
of any implementations or plans for open sourcing. (But that doesn't
mean there isn't one)


Carsten Ziegeler

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