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From Chris Howe <>
Subject Re: Making a non ASF project, ASF friendly
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 10:12:44 GMT

--- Leo Simons <> wrote:

> On Jan 15, 2007, at 5:35 AM, Chris Howe wrote:
> Ah. Well, you know, OFBiz is a bit of a different
> kind of project  
> from a lot of other ASF projects, so the fact that
> our "default  
> mechanisms" might not apply that well is not so
> surprising. If I were  
> the OFBiz project, I'd probably consider setting up
> some kind of  
> "sandbox" *right here at the ASF* for the community
> to work in for  
> this kind of thing, but I'm not so sure that makes
> sense for OFBiz.

I think OFBiz is still getting it's feet wet with a
lot of the Apache ways, so I can certainly empathize
with them perhaps not wanting to tackle this at this
time.  For this kind of thing to be successful, I
think you have to grant rather liberal SVN privileges.
 I'm not sure this flows in with the Apache way so
easily.  Even if it were to be a sort of perpetual
incubator project, it would still lend itself to being
a dumping ground and that appears to be something the
ASF is trying to avoid.

> Heh, that's an OFBiz design flaw, or rather, OFBiz
> hasn't been  
> optimized for this style of legal-mess-alleviating
> modularity yet :)

That's actually one (of many) of the goals of Project
A. It's oftentimes difficult to demonstrate the
benefit to work ratio of the modularizing effort when
the modularized approach is only being pursued by a
handful of people working in isolation.

Thanks for your thoughts on this Leo, I really
appreciate it!


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