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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: Making a non ASF project, ASF friendly
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 00:02:34 GMT
On 1/6/07, J Aaron Farr <> wrote:
> On 1/6/07, Chris Howe <> wrote:
> > Scenario:
> > A project (Project A) is set up on Source Forge by
> > individuals as the only legal entities.  Project A is
> > setup under the Apache License V2.  What would Project
> > A need to do beforehand to ensure that all code
> > committed to Project A's SVN is available for an
> > existing ASF project to incorporate into it's code
> > base in  the following scenarios:
> From a purely legal and policy standpoint, any AL2 licensed work can
> be included in an ASF work.  So all your situations should be fine
> just by having the project use the Apache License.  The only
> tricky part is if a contribution is "significant" and that's only
> because of policy not license restrictions.

I don't agree. Any AL2 licensed work can be included in an ASF
distribution, as a dependency. In terms of committing a piece of work
that is not under our IP (and is not covered by a CLA), the Apache
license doesn't make it a given. You would still need to submit a
grant or be covered by a CLA, and you would have to be responsible for
the IP of the work. (I think... :) ).

Chris' scenario seems quite tricky, the most obvious one I can think
of as a solution is to replicate the FSF structure of having the
ownership be assigned to another party (ie: himself). IANAL etc - but
I don't think the ASF CLA system gives us the ability to grant that
work to someone else - ie: we couldn't do the reverse of this and give
ASF work over to the 3rd party project.

Probably a good question for legal-discuss (?). I'm pretty sure I
don't grok all of the ramifications etc so hesitant to say anything
too strong.


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