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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: graduation documentation [WAS Re: [RESULT] Re: [VOTE] Graduate Synapse]
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 01:02:39 GMT
On 1/3/07, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:

> Finally, there is the knotty problem of PR. We are very proud to now
> be an Apache project and it would be great to let everyone know. The
> guide hasn't any advice on this.

Talking out of my arse....

* Grass roots mentioning in blogs.

* Sending to announce lists (announce@apache for example.. or is it
announcements. One of the two). This will have a knock on effect with
blogs (cafeaulait for example).

* Getting it on the ASF front page news.

* Timing a release to happen just after the graduation is complete is
probably the best - saying "hey look we're a TLP" seems a bit weak
news wise, especially if it's before the bits are moved to TLP. If
you're saying "Our first release since graduating to become a full
Apache project", then it seems like bigger news and the call to action
is clear - come get the new release. Maybe that's my problem with the
graduation bit, the call to action is "come join in!", which seems
much less compelling than "come use the new software".

* Articles etc. I wouldn't be surprised if online/offline magazines
are much more interested in an article once an Incubator podling
becomes a TLP. One unique article (I suspect) would be a "Life in the
Apache Incubator"; a viewpoint from a podling not the project itself.
Might only be of value to the feather blog - plus

* Podcasting with Rich and David. Again - best time for this would be
just after the graduation is complete and maybe a release has been
made. The graudation is a period of change, so you don't want to be
sucking lots of people in right then - rather you want to get the bits
taken care of and then suck people in.

* ApacheCon talk. Introducing your newly graduated project seems like
a very good talk at ApacheCon if it's not been talked about before. A
lot of them have though, so this may be a null-op. Java User Group
talks etc.

* Have a whip-round for some advertising money. Either print a one
page spread in the New York Times or send the BileBlog a cheque and a
request to be biled. :)


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