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From "Eran Bartenstein" <>
Subject Ivy List modules with extra attributes
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 14:32:13 GMT

I am trying to list a module for a specified organisation and revision with 
an extra attribute: kind.
However, it seems that Ivy ignores the extra attribute.

Also when checking into the code I can see no use of the extra attrbute 
specified in the passed ModuleReviosionId.

I use the following:

                        HashMap extraAttributes = new HashMap();
                        extraAttributes.put("kind", "gsce");
                        ModuleRevisionId currModuleRevisionId =
ModuleRevisionId.newInstance(currOrganizationName, currModuleName,
                                        currRevisionName, extraAttributes);
                        PatternMatcher matcher = 
                        ModuleRevisionId[] moduleRevisionIds = 
_ivy.listModules(currModuleRevisionId, matcher);

                        // Populate revisions array - with childs of type: 
                        RepositoryItem currRevisionRepositoryItem =
                                new RepositoryItem(currRevisionName, 

My main purpose is to try and list all modules under all organizations that 
match the specific extra attrbute.

Does anyone know how I can do that ?

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