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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate Cayenne to TLP status (pending board approval)
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 15:52:29 GMT
Actually TLP was the plan from the beginning, the main reason being  
that Cayenne was an existing open source project with a working  
meritocratic self-management since the inception in 2001. In the ASF  
structure this maps best to a TLP with its own PMC.

Also while we have a great working relationship with some folks from  
DB community, there is no committer overlap at the moment. So that  
will make it a pure umbrella project just because Cayenne also  
happens to deal with DB access.


P.S. This reminds me of something that I should've put in my original  
email - I'd like to thank DB PMC (and especially Jean) for all the  
work helping us with various incubation aspects :-)

On Dec 1, 2006, at 6:26 PM, Yoav Shapira wrote:
> Hi,
> Cool.  Can you please refresh my memory on why Cayenne wants to be a
> TLP now, as opposed to a project under the DB PMC (its original
> sponsor)?
> Yoav
> On 12/1/06, Andrus Adamchik <> wrote:
>> Apache Cayenne community just voted to request graduation from the
>> Incubator as a TLP [1]. The text of the proposed board resolution
>> (adopted from iBatis graduation resolution) is included below. Other
>> project related links are also shown below - [2], [3]. The following
>> people cast +1 votes:
>>    Andrus Adamchik (PPMC)
>>    Craig Russell
>>    Malcolm Edgar (committer)
>>    Matt Kerr
>>    Tore Halset (PPMC)
>>    Ari Maniatis
>>    Bill Dudney (PPMC)
>>    Michael Gentry (PPMC)
>>    Mike Kienenberger (PPMC)
>>    Jean T. Anderson (PPMC / Incubator PMC)
>>    Kevin Menard (committer)
>>    Jason Dwyer
>> I am asking for a vote of the Incubator PMC on graduation of Cayenne
>> that is conditional on the board's approval of a TLP for that
>> purpose. Please cast your votes.
>> [1]
>> 200612.mbox/ 
>> %3e
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> Andrus
>> ---------
>> Apache Cayenne developers have voted to request the ASF Board to
>> establish
>> Cayenne as a Top Level Project at the ASF. Here is the text of the
>> suggested
>> resolution:
>>         WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
>>         interests of the Foundation and consistent with the
>>         Foundation's purpose to establish a Project Management
>>         Committee charged with the creation and maintenance of
>>         open-source software related to object-relational mapping  
>> (ORM)
>>         and remoting services, for distribution at no charge to the
>> public.
>>         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a Project Management
>>         Committee (PMC), to be known as the "Apache Cayenne PMC",  
>> be and
>>         hereby is established pursuant to Bylaws of the  
>> Foundation; and
>>         be it further
>>         RESOLVED, that the Apache Cayenne PMC be and hereby is
>>         responsible for the creation and maintenance of software
>>         related to the Cayenne Object Relational Framework and tools,
>>         based on software licensed to the Foundation; and be it  
>> further
>>         RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Apache  
>> Cayenne" be
>>         and hereby is created, the person holding such office to  
>> serve
>>         at the direction of the Board of Directors as the chair of  
>> the
>>         Apache Cayenne PMC, and to have primary responsibility for
>>         management of the projects within the scope of responsibility
>>         of the Apache Cayenne PMC; and be it further
>>         RESOLVED, that the persons listed immediately below be and
>>         hereby are appointed to serve as the initial members of the
>>         Apache Cayenne PMC:
>>           Andrus Adamchik (
>>           Bill Dudney (
>>           Michael Gentry (
>>           Tore Halset (
>>           Mike Kienenberger  (
>>         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Andrus  
>> Adamchik be
>>         and hereby is appointed to the office of Vice President,  
>> Apache
>>         Cayenne, to serve in accordance with and subject to the
>> direction
>>         of the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation
>>         until death, resignation, retirement, removal or
>>         disqualification, or until a successor is appointed; and  
>> be it
>>         further
>>         RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Cayenne PMC be and  
>> hereby is
>>         tasked with the migration and rationalization of the  
>> incubating
>>         Apache Cayenne project; and be it further
>>         RESOLVED, that all responsibility pertaining to the  
>> incubating
>>         Apache Cayenne project encumbered upon the incubator PMC be
>>         hereafter discharged.
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