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From "Karl Pauls" <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: [VOTE] Apache Felix 0.8.0 Incubator Release
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:52:52 GMT
> > The asc and KEYS files are available on the page now.
> >
> > Please start reviewing our release again. The URL stays the same:
> >
> >
> +1
> -- minor (fix in HEAD) --
> a number of package.html's are IMHO creative enough to be
> copyrightable. i think that they should have copyright headers.

Well, the point is that this package.html's are from the OSGi alliance
(licensed under ASL). We redistribute them but try not to modify them.
We've been discussing adding a copyright but decided against it on the
grounds of them being provided like this.

> - notes and comments (not requirements) -
> the public key does not seems to be available from the major
> keysigning networks (see
> if you haven't uploaded
> it yet)

I'm going to upload the key. Thanks.

> good practice to produce both tar.gz and zip compressed artifacts.
> yes, i know that most major platforms can easily open either format
> but users associated tar.gz with *nix and zip with m$. producing both
> formats is good psychology.

Right, we will look into it.

> release notes are an important form of guerilla advertising. the same
> content can be used in several different places: on the download page,
> on announcements, on grassroots media (eg freshmeat) and as plain text
> in the release. consider adding some next time.
> - robert

We will. Due to this being our first release it wouldn't contain much
this time around anyhow, but I agree, release notes are important.
Thanks for pointing it out and for reviewing.



Karl Pauls

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