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From "Karl Pauls" <>
Subject Re: Re: [VOTE] Apache Felix 0.8.0 Incubator Release
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:09:26 GMT
> > > Not quite there yet.   The incubator DISCLAIMER file is still missing from the
> > > jars.   That would prevent them going into maven repositories.
> >
> > Is that just a recommendation or a requirement? Our NOTICE files contain
> > the incubator disclaimer text.
> it's a requirement that the text is present but AIUI in the NOTICE is
> ok (though perhaps a separate DISCLAIMER is clear)

We have a separate DISCLAIMER on top-level. The "binaries" (i.e., jar
files) contain a NOTICE that includes the DISCLAIMER. I agree that a
separate DISCLAIMER is more clear but I think for this release we'll
go with the current set-up.

> please let me know whether you plan to cut another candidate or
> whether i should review the one above

Yes, please review the one above.

> signing the releases is a requirement. having a well connected code
> signing key is definitely good but not mandatory
> - robert

We will make the asc and KEYS files available on the page mentioned
above asap (i.e., a couple of hours).



Karl Pauls

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