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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Re: [doc]
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 11:59:29 GMT

On 11/18/06, David E Jones <> wrote:

> Based on recently going through this (or trying to...) with OFBiz I
> found quite a bit of good information in the Policy guide and was
> able to divine more or less what needed to be done, but there is
> little indication of the order of doing things. That could probably
> be solved by having a simple check list or process list with
> everything to do.


i've added a checklist based to the based on your suggestions together
with outlines for required content. it'll be available once the
mirrors sync. more improvements welcomed :-)

there are still quite a few sections requiring content. i'll try to
pick them up when i get some time but if anyone wants to volunteer to
flesh out a section (or two ;-), that'd be great. just jump in now and
let people know what you'd like to work on.

> There is a list of post graduation steps in the Policy document, but
> not having "tested" that yet I don't really have any feedback so far.

that's the best way to create documentation: experience it personally
then write about it. i hope you'll hang around and help us document
that phase :-)

- robert

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