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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Ratify Tuscany PPMC vote to release DAS for Java M2 artifacts
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 18:42:02 GMT
On 11/5/06, Luciano Resende <> wrote:
> The Tuscany PPMC has voted to Release DAS for Java API Implementation as
> part of the M2 release.
> In accordance with Incubator release procedures we are asking the Incubator
> PMC to  approve this release.

+0 (a couple of questions which i'd like answering before i can +1)

please fix:

md5 sums are not in the correct format. please delete all but the last
line. (AIUI they are read automatically by some scripts.) this does
not require a rebuild.


sample-companyweb-1.0-incubator-M2.war lacks LICENSE and NOTICE files.
this means that it cannot be distributed as a raw artifact. is the
intention to ban this artifact from distribution via maven?

lacks a license header. is there a reason (for example, is it
generated) or is it just an oversight?

important (but can be fixed for next release)

key ID 96324791 used to sign releases is not available from the usual
public key server networks. please upload to (web
interface) or use gpg (to upload to any well known pubilc keyserver).

stylistic (best practice)

release names can be a form of advertising and can also allow the
trademark to be used to prevent unauthorised jars being distributed
with similar names. so, i'd recommend ensuing all releases are
prefixed with 'apache-tuscany' when tuscany graduates. i have no
objection to using this naming in the incubator (though some people

the compressed archives unpack into the current directory. this is a
real PITA for most users and a bad practice. there are two good
approaches: either structure the release so that all  duistributions
unpack into the same directory (with name based on the release) in a
way that elegantly combines or have each unpack distribution into a
separate, meaningfully but uniquely named directory.

- robert

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