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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: How to get a source OFBiz release WAS: [VOTE] OFBiz Test Snapshot Release: 4.0.0 TS5
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2006 18:06:05 GMT
On 11/4/06, David E Jones <> wrote:
> Robert, others interested,
> I'm still not sure whether or not we will want to do this going
> forward because I'm not sure how a source distribution would be used
> for a project like OFBiz.

the same way it's used for any other project: as a record of the exact
source that created the binary distributions. the source is the
release. the binaries are conveniences for users.

> Still, if there is any demand for it then I agree we should do it.

there's already demand from people on this list. we like source :-)

in addition, downstream packagers prefer source distributions so they
can patch and package them for their particular target platforms.

- robert

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