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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: How to get a source OFBiz release WAS: [VOTE] OFBiz Test Snapshot Release: 4.0.0 TS5
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2006 12:20:16 GMT
On 11/2/06, Jacopo Cappellato <> wrote:
> Hi all,

hi Jacopo

> based on past comments in this list I'd like to add that this is a
> pre-built release (e.g. the objects and Derby demo database are already
> set up and packaged in the distribution); we did this because it can
> take up to 20 minutes (with slower hardware) to build the whole project
> from scratch and this could waste too much of your (and that of the
> persons that just want to give a look at it) time.

i think some confusion has arisen over the terms we use.

in apache terms, a source distribution is a plain export from the
source repository whereas a binary distribution is anything else. lots
of projects here ship binary releases with source in: just because a
release contains some source it doesn't make it a source distribution

binary distributions are mainly for the convenience of users.

source distributions target other audiences including (potential)
developers, downstream packagers and archivists. they are quick and
easy to create (all the release manager needs to do is export the tag
and compress) so it's recommended that source distributions are
produced for each release as well as any binaries.

> However, if you want to play with a clean source distribution (for
> example, if you want to run the RAT tool etc...), just run the
> "clean-all" ant script: all the objects and the db will be removed.

run RAT against binary and source distributions of a release but not
very many binary checks have been automated yet.

- robert

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