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From "Eelco Hillenius" <>
Subject Re: wikis
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:09:44 GMT
> > Well, this was
> > where the problem was then: we thought confluence was going to be
> > supported, but was kind of in the beta phase.
> Anyone use gmail? Anyone use it while it was still "beta"? :-)

Heh. I actually meant that ASF's support for Confluence was in beta.
Had we known (before spending days to migrate our old WIKI) that
MoinMoin was the preferred WIKI, we would have been happy to use that.
In fact, if Confluence really is a problem here, we could still
migrate to MoinMoin.

> > Now that we have that
> > clear, I think we better look for an alternative then (either the
> > official WIKI, or something outside of the ASF infrastructure).
> The one thing you don't want is something outside of the ASF
> infrastructure. Really, you don't. Existing SF infrastructure for
> historical reasons, sure. Something new, not smart.

Point taken; hosting that outside is not a good idea.

> What you may want is to keep disagreeing on how useful confluence is,
> and arrange enough peer pressure to have atlassian fix the bloody
> thing, or be annoyed enough to bloody well fix it yourself, and stamp
> your feet until someone lets you, and then be real surprised when
> you're thanked for stamping your feet so much and asked to be on the
> ASF board (but that's getting ahead of myself, really).

We don't have special feelings towards Confluence (though I have been
using it in a commercial setting for quite a while without ever having
problems). We just picked one of the WIKIs we saw listed.

> Or maybe not.
> More background:
> I still haven't baked that cake. For the record -- I help out a
> little bit with jira and confluence maintainance at work, and I think
> they suck, too.

As in *using* a framework is so much nicer than having to deal with
the bloody internals. :)

For the record: JIRA made our users very happy. They have been asking
for it almost from the start and for some reason we always got
complaints about the SF issue tracker.


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