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From "Eelco Hillenius" <>
Subject Re: Top Reason to join the ASF (or not)
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 20:04:49 GMT
> Top three reasons why a project should join the ASF
> 1. A development community shares our core values of collaboration,
> transparency, and responsiblity.

Yes. But a project hosted at say Sourceforge can share those values
equally (or sometimes even better imo, as they don't have to cope with
politics). So while this is a nice extra reason to join, there is no
tangible value in it (neither of both parties really 'get' something
out of it).

> 2. A development communtity wants to help manage and oversee the Foundation.

As in: a career move or plain idealism? ;) I mean, caring about ASF
(and having been using it's projects almost since it's start, I do!)
is a strange way to try to get a specific project to incubate. The
issue that you care about ASF and want to play a role helping out, and
the issue that you want a certain project to be part of ASF are imho
different things.

> 3. A development community wants to donate its source code and
> documentation to the Foundation, to help ensure that a product
> survives the interest of its original creators

That's a good reason, but again, sourceforge ensures this too in that
it guarantees the history etc will be available. ASF gives no real
guarantee for a developer community that the project will be supported
(development, answers on the mailing lists, etc).

> Top three reasons why a project should *NOT* join the ASF
> 1. Visibility or brand recognition
> 2. Technical infrastructure
> 3. Less responsiblity

I agree with the last item, but why are 1 and 2 so bad? From the
perspective of the incubating project, these are good arguments to
want to join, while the three *good* reasons you give for projects to
join are all reasoned from ASF's perspective.

It is a simple fact that for two parties to agree on something there
must be some mutual benefit. So, if your negative points would be the
only reasons for a project to join, yes, that wouldn't be too pretty.
But in reality a developer community of a certain project is not
homogeneous and many motivations - either spoken or unspoken - will

But hey, how about making a quiz using a lie-detector part of the
incubation process. Let's not forget to re-run that for all the
projects that are in either ;)


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