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From "Gwyn Evans" <>
Subject Re: wikis
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 18:14:18 GMT
On 09/11/06, Garrett Rooney <> wrote:
> On 11/9/06, Gwyn Evans <> wrote:
> > Conspiracy or cock-up?  Is this a case of 'not-invented-here', a
> > objection to the use of non-Apache-licenced software or just a
> > misunderstanding - it's hard to believe anyone would put in a Wiki
> > without ensuring it's data is automatically backed up regularly.
> Uhh, it has nothing to do with conspiracy, note that Moin Moin isn't
> Apache Licensed either.  It has everything to do with infrastructure
> at the ASF being volunteer maintained, so if the volunteers slack off
> stuff doesn't get fixed.

Indeed, although while this isn't a fix as such, I'm still doubtful
it's a real issue, rather than a misunderstanding.

> > Just to pick up on the primary point, where do we find the state of
> > what's backed up?  Being new to Apache, I suppose we've so far assumed
> > that they know what they're doing, but in actual fact, I've not
> > actually /checked/ that they back anything up (svn or wiki)...
> Actually, IIRC confluence is backed up the same way Jira is, at least
> I think that's what Jeff said when I asked him before the move.  And
> yes, svn is definately backed up ;-)

Hmm, strictly, that could mean that neither Confluence or Jira are
backed up! :-)

> > On the original subject, CWiki does seem to be partially 'hidden' at
> > Apache - I've tried to help, in terms of a patch to add it to the list
> > of services documented at
> > (still waiting to be looked at, but it's only been a few weeks so
> > far).  An issue issue requesting it be added to the monitored list of
> > services was closed as there's been a generic issue open on the
> > subject since July, although with no action since then...
> If the cwiki maintainers want to fix those things, they'll get fixed.

Whereas if a cwiki /user/ wants them fixed, there's not a lot they can do.

Fair enough, but neither of those points actually requires any specfic
CWiki knowledge, or even use, and it rather suggests that any other
infra-type contributions are not worth attempting...

> -garrett
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