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From David E Jones <>
Subject [VOTE] Graduate OFBiz Podling
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 04:12:27 GMT

The Apache Open For Business Project community has voted internally  
and agreed on readiness to graduate from the Apache Incubator based  
on the Incubator Policy exit guidelines here: 

The vote passed with 8 binding +1 votes, 20 non-binding +1 votes, and  
no +0 or -1 votes.

My understand of what this vote means is that based on the incubator  
policy and what we learned through the process of getting a test  
snapshot release approved, as a PPMC we believe that OFBiz has now  
satisfied all requirements for graduation from the Apache Incubator  
and there are no outstanding issues related to this left to resolve.

Based on early discussion about OFBiz at the ASF (around the time  
OFBiz entered the incubator) the best place for the project seems to  
be as a top level project (TLP). This is a separate thing to vote on,  
so I mention it here for information purposes only.

As we understand it the next step in the process is to request a vote  
in the Incubator community to get graduation approval by the  
Incubator PMC. So, here we are...

Everyone is welcome to vote, and we appreciate the expression of  
support and interest, though the Incubator PMC member votes are the  
only binding ones.

Please cast your votes:

[ ] +1 Graduate OFBiz Podling
[ ] +0  Abstain
[ ] -1 Do not Graduate OFBiz Podling

For those reviewing the project there are URLs of resources with more  
information about it below.


The project status page is here:

The project web site home page is here:

For information about the Test Snapshot 5 Release, including download  
links, see: 

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