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From David E Jones <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate OFBiz Podling
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 21:48:48 GMT

On Nov 14, 2006, at 2:02 PM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>> The Apache Open For Business Project community has voted internally
>> and agreed on readiness to graduate from the Apache Incubator
>> The vote passed with 8 binding +1 votes
> Those would be which ones?  I do not see 8 binding votes (yet).

I apologize for not providing more details on this. The thread can be  
seen here in the ofbiz-dev archives: 

The people on the OFBiz PPMC who cast binding +1 votes are: Hans  
Bakker, Si Chen, Al Byers, Jacopo Cappellato, David Welton, Yoav  
Shapira, Andy Zeneski, and David Jones.

> As for my own vote, -1 on a procedural basis:
>> Based on early discussion about OFBiz at the ASF (around the time
>> OFBiz entered the incubator) the best place for the project seems
>> to be as a top level project (TLP). This is a separate thing to
>> vote on, so I mention it here for information purposes only.
> As has been discussed, the Incubator PMC would want to see the  
> proposal that
> is to be put before the Board, so please submit one, and I'll  
> revise my
> vote.
> Otherwise, at first glance, things look pretty good.  The STATUS file
> ( may or may not be  
> entirely
> accurate (I haven't cross-referenced the Committer list, for  
> example), but
> on the face of it, it is as complete as any I've seen lately.

My understanding based on the policy document is that the first step  
is to have the graduation accepted by the Incubator PMC, and then  
depending on where the podling will migrate to there are different  
steps to take after "a Podling has successfully completed Incubation".

If I understand correctly what you are saying there is one more step  
to take before we seek an approval vote from the Incubator PMC,  
namely creating and submitting a proposal to the Incubator PMC that  
they will send to the Apache Board for the whole TLP thing.

What would this proposal look like? Is this the (or I guess it seems  
more part of the) recommendation or draft resolution mentioned here: 

I apologize for the questions and the omission, I've tried to look  
around a bit but I still feel like I'm flying blind...


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