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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Top Reason to join the ASF (or not)
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 19:34:29 GMT
On the incubator site, we mention the How, Who, and When of
incubation. I thought we might also want to discuss the "Why".

Toward that end, here's my own short list of reason why projects
should, or should not, apply for incubation.

Top three reasons why a project should join the ASF

1. A development community shares our core values of collaboration,
transparency, and responsiblity.

2. A development communtity wants to help manage and oversee the Foundation.

3. A development community wants to donate its source code and
documentation to the Foundation, to help ensure that a product
survives the interest of its original creators

Top three reasons why a project should *NOT* join the ASF

1. Visibility or brand recognition

2. Technical infrastructure

3. Less responsiblity

If *all* of the first three reasons do not apply, then please do *NOT*
apply for incubation.

If *any* of the second three reasons apply, please consider carefully
whether to apply. We welcome projects that want to help us, but we do
not need projects that simply want us to help them.

-- HTH, Ted.

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