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From "Garrett Rooney" <>
Subject Re: wikis
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 17:34:02 GMT
On 11/9/06, Gwyn Evans <> wrote:

> Conspiracy or cock-up?  Is this a case of 'not-invented-here', a
> objection to the use of non-Apache-licenced software or just a
> misunderstanding - it's hard to believe anyone would put in a Wiki
> without ensuring it's data is automatically backed up regularly.

Uhh, it has nothing to do with conspiracy, note that Moin Moin isn't
Apache Licensed either.  It has everything to do with infrastructure
at the ASF being volunteer maintained, so if the volunteers slack off
stuff doesn't get fixed.

> Just to pick up on the primary point, where do we find the state of
> what's backed up?  Being new to Apache, I suppose we've so far assumed
> that they know what they're doing, but in actual fact, I've not
> actually /checked/ that they back anything up (svn or wiki)...

Actually, IIRC confluence is backed up the same way Jira is, at least
I think that's what Jeff said when I asked him before the move.  And
yes, svn is definately backed up ;-)

> On the original subject, CWiki does seem to be partially 'hidden' at
> Apache - I've tried to help, in terms of a patch to add it to the list
> of services documented at
> (still waiting to be looked at, but it's only been a few weeks so
> far).  An issue issue requesting it be added to the monitored list of
> services was closed as there's been a generic issue open on the
> subject since July, although with no action since then...

If the cwiki maintainers want to fix those things, they'll get fixed.


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