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From James M Snell <>
Subject Extracting code from an incubation project
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 22:56:55 GMT

The Abdera project currently contains a bit of code that implements the
IRI (RFC3987) specification in a way that could be easily extracted out
into its own project.  Recently I posed a question to the Jakarta
Commons and WS Commons projects to see if there would be interest in
pulling that code out into its own commons project.  The response was
generally positive but there was a question raised about the process of
taking code that is currently in incubation and using it to seed a new
non-incubator commons project (in either jakarta or ws).  There was
mention of a past similar discussion on this list but I could not find
it in the archives.

So, the question is simple: if the Abdera PPMC agrees to separate out
the code and either the Jakarta or WS commons projects agree to accept
it, what is the process we need to follow?

- James

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