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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Including snapshot dependencies from other ASF projects
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 20:30:46 GMT
John O'Hara wrote:
> I don't think its the same as releasing another projects code.
> A good example is when SubVersion included APR as part of its code
> base.  No one would have confused that as a release of APR, and 
> it was patched and modded, and the APR team were kept in the loop.

Actually, in spite of a wide open-door policy from the apr team to the
svn and httpd developer communities, it indicates a breakdown of apr
meeting the needs of svn (it's second consumer) and in svn failing to
effectively participate in apr.  So I actually find it a bad example :)

But the expat and pcre bundled packages are similar examples.  For a very
long time, official distributions of pcre wouldn't even interoperate.  We
aren't talking the few build choice changes to better integrate, but the
code itself.

> There is a difference between "release" and distribute.
> We're asking if a project can distribute some arbitrary SVN point in
> anothers repository, not if they can release it.

If you ship code *here at the ASF* as your project's tarball, you are
releasing it.  This IS the very definition of a release, and attempting
to split hairs on the subject is what made this thread run away.  Even
if SVN doesn't ship the official APR, it will land in /usr/local/lib and
therefore overlays the release.

Anything we distribute (e.g. svn's apr, or apr's expat) is released by us
no matter if it's an arbitrary svn point, or if it's a specific release.

Of course, svn is not an ASF project so they don't (have any reason to)
follow our tar - vote - distribute rules.

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