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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject Re: Weirdness with the web site
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2006 17:50:37 GMT
The referred to email 13-oct points to this JIRA issue:

This says there are some problems with line ends when tools are used to
generate websites. 

I tried an experiment: we have a XDOC-style website.  I scanned our
XDOC source files and found they were all using x'0A' (unix) line ends 
for one file).  On my windows machine, I changed a file that had'0A' 
line ends
to x'0D0A' line ends, using the Eclipse menu feature under the menu
    file->convert line end delimiters to
I checked this using the Eclipse "search" to look for the x'0D' characters -
they were there whereas they were not there before I ran the command.

Then I generated the website .html files by running XDOC's build.xml ant 
The generated files showed that one file had changed but it had x'0A' (unix)
line ends, not Windows line ends.  In fact, in order to get it to change 
at all,
I had to actually change some text.  Just changing the line-end style 
did not
cause the XDOC processing to update the target html file.

So - if you're using XDOC to generate the files,
perhaps the generated files are going to be OK.


Gwyn Evans wrote:
> On 11/11/06, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
>> > There is an issue with building the site from a windows platform that
>> > causes the eols to get all mixed up.
>> See, 
>> specifically
>> the last two paragraphs, starting with "Committers will need to properly
>> ..."  This is why Roy made his comment to Garrett expressing displeasure
>> that SVN doesn't permit us to enforce it from the server side.
> If you recall, you trotted out that when I faced the same issue
> (13-Oct).  While it may not be incorrect in itself, it's neither the
> issue here nor was it then.
> /Gwyn

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