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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject [DISCUSS] incubator voting process
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 15:18:16 GMT
There seems to be a persistent delusion that general@incubator.apache.or 
is where incubation happens.  The reality is that all the real 
incubating happens on the PPMC private and dev lists.

We can correct this in one of two ways: recognize what actually is 
happening, or make what we say is happening actually work.

If we go the first route, then we should treat this list as an 
announcements list.  Results of votes for releases and graduation are 
posted here, and incubator PMC members will be given 72 hours to raise 
an issue.

If we go the second route, then we need to set the expectation that most 
PMC members participate in most votes.

- Sam Ruby

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