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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: wikis
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 20:54:30 GMT
I think it comes down to what a wiki means to your community. The
classic sense is as a very random user-inclusive system for bits of
info. The other is as a much more structured system, possibly for
document management.

Your description below should go on the Incubator site or wiki - very
good summary.


On 11/6/06, Marshall Schor <> wrote:
> There seem to be (at least) 2 wiki systems in use at Apache.
> One is based on moin-moin (python), and is for instance, found at
> Another one is based on confluence's wiki, and is found for instance, at
> The cwiki may have additional capabilities.  For instance, some groups
> are using it to do collaborative authoring of documents.  For this, a
> permissions / login restriction is needed to insure contributors have
> done ICLAs.
> See:
> The cwiki's wiki's are autoexported to plain html, whenever edits occur,
> so that high-volume serving can be done. This export facility can be
> used for a projects "web-site" as well; some projects are using it that
> way.  It appears that the Geranimo project started down that path but is
> not currently using a wiki for their web-site maintenance (they're using
> XDOC / Anakia).
> One other thing I've noticed is that with the confluence wiki it's
> possible to have comments on each page, and (optionally) show them. This
> might be interesting for building up community.  It might also be
> available with the moin-moin version.
> We're working on setting up the UIMA project, and I'd be interested in
> hearing opinions from the community about the pros/cons of the different
> approaches (perhaps there even are others in use at Apache?).
> -Marshall
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