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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject How to bring code to Apache?
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 01:04:30 GMT
One thing that came out of the board meeting was making sure that the
community knew how to bring code into the ASF. What the scenarios are,
and what the rules are.

Looking around at the Incubator, it's well documented at, and I'd like to send a
short email to committers@ pointing out the existence of that page and
that even if code is written by Apache committers, if it's not
developed at Apache then that page needs to be adhered to.

Any thoughts on the below?


Subject: Bringing code to Apache

Hello ASF committers,

At the recent board meeting the subject of whether the committers were
all aware of how to handle bringing code to Apache and doing IP
clearances. It was felt that a reminder would not be a bad idea (OK I
admit it - I admitted to not being sure how it worked and stepped
right into being a 'volunteer'). Here goes....

We're all aware of the Incubator. If we have a project out there that
wants to join the ASF then we direct them to the mailing list and their community becomes
an ASF community through a mentored education process. All good, but
it doesn't cover large lumps of code that we want to bring into our
projects in the ASF, into an already existing community.

For these cases we have IP clearance. It applies regardless of whether
the author of the code is an ASF committer or not an ASF committer -
the important part is that the code was developed outside of the ASF
SVN repository and the ASF public mailing lists.

This takes the form of an xdoc xml template that needs to be filled
out and checked into the Incubator SVN, please see this page for more
details -

Thanks, and sorry for the noise if this was something you already knew.

Henri Yandell

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