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From David E Jones <>
Subject [VOTE] OFBiz Test Snapshot Release: 4.0.0 TS5
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 05:20:37 GMT

The OFBiz podling (PPMC and community) has reached a consensus  
internally approving the 4.0.0 TS5 test snapshot release. We are now  
requesting a vote for review and approval from the general Incubator  
group and the Incubator PMC.

The current incubation docs recommend doing this sort of "test  
snapshot" release, and it appears from recent conversations that this  
will most likely soon be required for all podlings nearing  
graduation. Based on our experience this has been a valuable exercise  
and through these 5 tries we have made significant improvements to  
the legal and other aspects of OFBiz and eventual releases. You'll  
recognize most of this from the similar message I sent on September  
22nd for our TS3. Thanks to feedback from various people (especially  
Robert Burrell Duncan and the RAT tool) we have corrected many  
license header issues and fleshed out the NOTICE file, which are now  
both hopefully up to par.

The intent of this "release" is not to be something that will be  
maintained over time or used be end-users of the project, and there  
is no branch for it in SVN. Our goal with this test snapshot release  
was to create an initial release process and make sure that all of  
the artifacts are in place as needed. This includes:

- all license headers and copyright notices in place (ASL2 headers)
- no remaining old copyright notices or headers
- NOTICE, LICENSE, KEYS, et cetera files in place
- test proper zip and tgz files, plus the md5 and asc files for each
- put README file and other such things in place to make it  
(hopefully) easy for an end user to run OOTB

Based on what has been established as part of this test snapshot  
experience we plan to do a real release (version 4.0.0) after  
graduation with a branch and such that will be maintained over time  
and that is meant to be used by end-users, but those (again) are not  
the intents of this test snapshot release.

The files for the release are available in my  
account, see the links below for detailed locations.


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