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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Ivy
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 00:19:01 GMT

> Mentors, make sure to prod and poke Noel (Alternatively, buy him a
> soft drink) until he gets you added to the incubator PMC. As ASF
> members, you can already (and should) subscribe to incubator-private@
> in the meantime.
I have sent an email to  but no
one has moderated me in yet.
I would gladly poke Noel if I could.
>> === Sponsoring Entity ===
>> The Ant PMC has voted the following resolution:
>> The Ant PMC sponsors Ivy moving to the Apache Incubator.
>> If the Ivy community wishes to move Ivy to become an Ant subproject
>> after successful incubation, and if the ASF board agrees to it, Ant
>> will welcome Ivy as a subproject after the incubation period.
> Note that "Sponsoring Entity" == "Sponsor" in this case. The incubator
> PMC doesn't vote on this proposal seperately -- the fact that the Ant
> PMC voted to do this is enough to start incubation, and your mentors
> can go and start with helping you get infrastructural resources set
> up. But just for fun:
I suppose the Ivy committers need to send a CLA in any case ? Xavier,
Maarten, maybe you should read this and
particularly this
> +1.
Would everyone agree with Leo that it is OK to start asking for
infrastructural resources ?
I suppose this means requesting setting up svn under , and dev, user, ppmc, and
commits lists ?



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