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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Harmony as TLP
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 19:02:49 GMT
NOTE: I'm not subscribed to this list, so please copy me if you reply.

                                - o -

I've participated in more community building exercises that you can
count with your hands and I have *never* seen a community behave like

The effort of writing a JVM is no small one. Especially when the leading
providers are spending millions of dollars in keeping theirs up to
speed, we have 10 years to catch up and the goal of being faster and
more useful, not just "another free one".

When starting Harmony, I forecasted 3 years of incubation, and I was
being optimistic. Never in my wildest dreams I could have imagined the
rate with which Harmony has attracted contributions from various people,
institutions and companies.

Granted, Geir has had a tremendous role in feeding such a pool and
finding people from all different places and convince them to join and,
granted, the "corporate" diversity is around two (intel + IBM) and it's
very likely to grow if we get out of incubation.

In short, there are the pros:

 1) incredible activity (more than I can handle, actually, around 5000
messages a month, between email + svn + jira)

 2) incredible density of connectivity (check it out for yourself with
Agora) and growing over time

 3) vast geographical distribution (russia, china, europe, US)

 4) very high female/male ratio (compared to other communities)

 5) a few isolated episodes of frustration (mostly due to external and
previous ego friction and none involved committers) and very much
cross-corporate personal support

 6) I also personally believe that although many of these committers are
paid by their employer, a good 30/40% of them would stick around if
their jobs changed. [of course, this is a personal gut feeling]

The cons:

 a) harmony is not certified yet

 b) there is an incredible barrier to entry for casual committers (this
*is* rocket science!)

 c) incubation is hurting harmony's ability to grow and reach
certification sooner

In short, with my mentor hat on, I think that the incubator and its
mentors have given harmony everything they possibly could, keeping it
incubating longer is just going to slow down its growth and for nobody's

Thank you.


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