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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] OFBiz Test Snapshot Release: 4.0.0 TS3
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 22:13:58 GMT
On 9/25/06, David E Jones <> wrote:
> The OFBiz podling (PPMC and community) has reached a consensus
> internally approving the 4.0.0 TS3 test snapshot release. We are now
> requesting a vote for review and approval from the general Incubator
> group and the Incubator PMC.

gpg looks good to me (KEYS imports ok, key is available from public
key servers, signature ok) and sum checks

RAT turned up the following:

do not appear to be licensed under an OSI compliant license. IMO the
terms are badly drafted and discriminate against the profession or
vocation of comedian (no laughing matter ;-) basically anyone using
the software must agree not to use the software to make fun of sun.
but IANAL and this needs to be raised on legal-discuss.
is a bit of a mystery and seems to be lacking source

no license headers (check whether they are apache source)

i'm worried about
DTD are a a PITA but it's a document and we need permission to
is licensed under Eclipse Public License v1.0. the draft third part
licensing policy allows this in only binary form due to a reciprocity
clause in the license. i'm a little worried by the fact that this is
the only localisation file which is not ASL'd.
lack license files and appear to be similar to standard weblogic
startup scripts. this could be perfectly innocent (there are only a
few ways to start the server) and hopefully not an unfortunate
unlicensed derivative work...

ofbiz/framework/data/derby/ in the distribution contains some logs and
other bits and bats which aren't in subversion and i suspect didn't
really want to get released. same goes for ofbiz/framework/logs/
terms probably needs to be noted in LICENSE,,
appear to be associated with above but lack license headers. need to
check the right license.
has no license header but perhaps is part of a specification?

- robert

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