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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] OFBiz Test Snapshot Release: 4.0.0 TS3
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 16:59:44 GMT
Yes! Actual Feedback! Whoohooh!

On Sep 25, 2006, at 9:24 AM, David E Jones wrote:
> The OFBiz podling (PPMC and community) has reached a consensus  
> internally approving the 4.0.0 TS3 test snapshot release. We are  
> now requesting a vote for review and approval from the general  
> Incubator group and the Incubator PMC.

There's one important gotcha:
-> the NOTICE file has information on the licenses of various third  
party jars, which in some cases are not a subset of ALv2, even if  
compatible. I believe that info should go into the LICENSE file; but  
can't find an authortive reference on our website right now. Cliff,  
Robert? This is important because the notice file cannot modify the  
terms of the LICENSE that are supposed to apply to the work as a  
whole, whereas obviously a LICENSE file can modify LICENSE terms.

If that were fixed I'd +1 the thing.

And then some nitpicking/misc comments:
-> I downloaded the tgz. I always get annoyed when a software release  
doesn't extract into an obvious name. Eg `tar zxf apache-of* && cd  
apache-of*` should work. Probably a religious subject.

-> I read OPTIONAL_LIBRARIES and looked at the underlying mechanisms  
to link in LGPL stuff. I think they're fully compliant with the 3rd  
party licensing policy draft, which is quite a feat. However, I  
believe that because there is some "bridge-to-LGPL code" shipped  
within the ofbiz distro, that this requires explicit approval from  
PMC chair (Noel) and legal VP (Cliff) per that policy. Of course,  
since the policy is not in effect yet, you need not worry yet.

-> the statistical sample (random clicking) of files I opened all  
have "copyright 2001-2006 The ASF". I suspect that's wrong, since  
IIRC ofbiz wasn't @ apache in 2001. The year 2001 should probably be  
replaced by the year when development of ofbiz started @ apache.

-> You're shipping various libraries and stuff which I know include  
NOTICE files of their own, but those notices are not found or  
referenced anywhere outside their jars (for example ant.jar has a  
META-INF/NOTICE.txt). I would say the NOTICE file should point to  
those other notice files that exist somewhere deep within such a big  
distribution, but I think that's maybe not a legal requirement.

-> All ofbiz source files have author tags. The ASF has had many,  
many, loooong discussions about them. In the end, I believe current  
policy still is that they are strongly discouraged, but allowed. If  
you haven't already, you should motivate for yourselves you really  
really want to keep them. Re: 

-> even if you don't branch, you should really do an `svn tag` for  
any release (even RCs). Tagging is basically free, and it provides  
that much more clarity on 'what is what'

-> my gpg install is broken on this machine so I didn't bother  
verifying the gpg sigs. I'm sure they're ok, or otherwise you'll get  
hunted down and shot by someone else :)

-> its real easy to automate the steps on your "release manager" wiki  
page. In particular using <tar/> and <zip/> from ant avoids some  
nasty problems ("a lone zero block at FOO" when using sun tar on gnu  
tar-created files, for example). Just an idea.

And then finally...
-> following the PDF install instructions (HTML would be nice),  
things did all compile and run nicely (mac os x 10.4 for powerpc,  
java 5). Honestly, I typed "./ant" before reading the getting started  
page, which seemed to have different results from the run-install  
target. O well. And after scrolling down the "production guide" big  
fat install manual I found out I had to visit /catalog/control/main  
to see if it worked, which showed up properly too.  An /index.html  
that provides some more feedback -- "it worked!" is my favorite --  
would be nice.

-> this thing is truly *huge*! It reminds me of cocoon....with that  
in mind, its no small effort to get everything as cleaned up and  
structured as it is, and runnable out of the box. Kudos to y'all!



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