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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject podcast on Jini
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 14:43:49 GMT
Don't know if this is acceptable to send to this list -- so my
apologies if I'm stepping in it here :-o    but I know some people
on the list may not be that familiar with Jini and so I thought
I'd recommend a recent series of podcasts that the JavaPosse
is doing on Jini (and the project -
which utilitzes Jini). Van has a nice way of explaining things,
and so if you like podcasts, this may be of interest to you:

"Interview with Van Simmons about Jini and ComputeCycles"

   * Part 1  (Sep 17):
   * Part 2  (Sep  24):
   * Part 3  (coming...)

He also touches on our Jini Apache incubator Proposal, but is
not intimate with the details of where we are in the process...
so primarily just comments on how it's a "good thing"  :-)


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