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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject [JiniProposal] Choosing a new name...
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:46:09 GMT
Hi all-

I apologize for the gap in communication on our Proposal.  Following
my summary post:
and list discussion, I believe choosing a new name for the project and
then updating our Proposal are the last bits before we can ask for an
incubator vote.

We've been fairly consumed by our "Jini Community Meeting" event
last week in Brussels (see the front page for links to info  
the event), so again, I'm sorry for not getting this closed sooner so we
can move on and (hopefully) get going.

As we're all too familiar with :-o  -- picking a name (that everyone  
is hard. In order to get as many creative ideas as possible, and have a
defined process (so that it doesn't drag out) for making a decision...
we'd like to:

     * Gather Name Ideas --  through Tuesday, Sept 26
         Ask both the Apache incubator and Jini Community for name
         ideas. In order to not consume the lists with name mail, if  
you could
         send me, your name ideas, and optionally  
         reasoning/meaning behind the name. I'd really appreciate it.  
For example:
          name: "Eden"   -- reminds me of Barbara Eden from "I Dream  
of Genie"!

    * Choose the New Name (voting) -- Thursday, Sept 28  through   
Monday, Oct 2
        We'll take the list of ideas, make sure they pass TM, etc and  
select a "top
        ten choices" that we'll put up for an open vote. Whatever  
name is supported
        the most by the vote is the one we'll choose for the project.

If these dates feel too tight we can be a little pliable, but we are  
to update our Proposal and have the voting (start) before the upcoming
ApacheCon if possible.

There's obviously an endless amount of ways to go about picking a  
this might not be the best, but we wanted to engage the Apache incubator
and our existing Community in contributing. We're betting that with  
creative juices flowing - we're going to collectively come up with a  
cool name
that represents the project well and that most people like. I hope  
you'll give us
your support.

thanks -Jim

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