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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Two problems
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 18:05:36 GMT
I'm trying to use the just released M5.
I noticed the following problems:

#1.   The following code result in an NPE
        Document doc = ...;
        WSDLReader reader = WSDLFactory.newInstance().newWSDLReader();
        WSDLSource src = reader.createWSDLSource();
I had to put a dummy base uri to avoid the NPE:
  src.setBaseURI(new URI("file:doc"));

#2.   The HTTP binding allows '{' and '}' to be part of the
whttp:location attribute
      as shown in
      for example.
     But i have the following output when parsing such extensions:
 Woden[Error],0:0,WSDL506,Could not create a URI from the string
"{id}"., character in path at index
0: {id}
   I think that the location attribute should not be a URI in the
component model, but a plain string.

Guillaume Nodet

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