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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Blaze and Openness of Standards (was Re: [Proposal] Blaze)
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 04:18:43 GMT
On 8/1/06, Roy T. Fielding <> wrote:
> On Aug 1, 2006, at 11:36 AM, Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> > On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 12:36 -0400, Carl Trieloff wrote:
> >> Brian,
> >>
> >> Just as in JCP, OASIS or W3C the real work happens on private
> >> channels,
> >> that said we are in
> >> the process of creating public pages, from which to link user and
> >> feedback lists for anyone to
> >> read, access and interact with the working group.
> >
> > Correction: W3C working groups do *all* technical work in public
> > mailing
> > lists that are open to all.
> >
> > That change occurred probably 5+ years ago.
> Umm, I don't think so.  As a TAG member, I encountered many discussions
> that were in members-only areas, and they are still going on (XML
> Schema,
> for example).  The TAG would refuse to participate in any such
> discussion,
> which often required permissions be obtained to move comments from a
> private forum to a public one.  W3C decisions are all made in public.
> Maybe you are referring to working groups that have been initiated in
> the past five years?

yep -- I figured Sanjiva was just thinking of the WGs in the Web
Services Activity, which have tended to follow the policy he
described.  There have been a few others like that, but my
experience/observation has been that the majority of W3C WGs still do
most of their work on private lists.  It can still be an ordeal just
to get some WGs to make f2f minutes available publicly.


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