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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate Wicket
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 22:41:04 GMT
Johan Compagner wrote:

> The feeling i get from the mail below is that incubator releases
> are not really meant for all end users.. You really only want
> the users that really knows that it is an incubator release.

> But for me wicket-2.0 will be a full release a real release that
> every user of wicket should be able to use just as they are using
> wicket 1.2.x now.

That's fine.  We don't care how many of them do or do not choose to use it,
so long as the status is clear to them.

> And all the time spans for the incubator i here now (6 months is the
> many go even to 1 year) then we will release or want to release some or
> releases in that time frame. And as i said i still have the feeling that
> shouldn't be done in the incubator time or under the incubator flag.

Time to graduate all depends upon the project.  Sometimes there are legal
issues (Roller), sometimes there are community issues (most others).  But
from what you said, below, it really wouldn't matter.

> This is just bad. We need to move on as fast we we developers an put in
> code in to SVN. Not as fast as some legal or administrative tasks has to
> done.

The ASF requires that releases be made by voting.  And that releases are
clear of IP issues.  Etc.  That has nothing to do with being in the
Incubator or not.  The JAMES project is currently working to push out a
release, and we are spending more time on resolving issues related to USA
export regulations for code using cryptography and a change in how we report
licensing, etc., than we are with the code, which -- barring stop ship
defects -- should be finished.  But those are one time issues, so we won't
have to repeat the process for each subsequent release.

	--- Noel

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