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From Carl Trieloff <>
Subject Re: Blaze and Openness of Standards (was Re: [Proposal] Blaze)
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 13:17:39 GMT


Anything that the Working group publishes / works on will be under the 
license already
disclosed. As to TCK, there is a little bit of work in this area in the 
spec but it does not meet a
definition of a TCK. The discussion is still ongoing as to what should 
the TCK
look like. Many of the TCK's today are not that effective thus the 
debate. Also note there
are no NDA's when working on any AMQP working group materials.

Personally, I think the AMQP group will most likely publish something 
like a WS-Basic profile
definition as apposed to writing a TCK, but that is not decided yet.

If you would like to work on this please join the group or provide your 
suggestions for the group
to consider.


James Strachan wrote:
> On 7/30/06, Cliff Schmidt <> wrote:
>> Does anyone have any further concerns about this proposal?
> I'd also like commitment from the folks-behind-the-closed-doors that
> any AMQP TCK will be freely available for Apache to use (maybe only
> for those who sign the necessary NDAs like when working with JCP /
> J2EE TCKS).  Unless Apache gets full access to the AMQP TCKs then its
> really not possible for it to really implement the specification.
> So far in the Glassgow code at Redhat I just see an implementation of
> AMQP. Is there a TCK somewhere to test compliance with the
> specification?

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