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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: [doc] any volunteers?
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 10:15:55 GMT
On 7/30/06, ant elder <> wrote:
> Sure ok, I'll volunteer to have a go.

great :-)

> What doc do you have in mind?

there are lots of docs which need work so hopefully you'll be able to
find something that interests you :-)

all DRAFTs need work. these are in varying states of completeness.
some of these are just outlines in need of content and shape, some
have a reasonable shape but still need more content, a few just need
some editorial work plus a little content.

i'll go though the various pages we have and what needs doing. the
problem with documentation is that unless the documentation is pretty
close, it can be difficult to merge changes so it's probably best to
avoid working concurrently on the same page. i create a page on the
wiki later but (for now) just indicate which page you'd be interested
in: is reasonably close.
there's editorial work needed proof-reading, adding links and add
examples of good practice from existing applications. there are a few
difficult sections needing more content. is a new-ish
netiquette/getting involve guide. this needs more content and links
into existing documentation but is intended to be a short document. is really
just an outline. lot of work required. is just a landing
page. probably not a good idea to take this one on ATM. is a landing page with
basic outline. lot of qork required. needs tidying up. the
index page has a missing link to this page. the website content should
be replaced with a link to the website guide. more content on mailing
list best practices would be good.

alternatively, there are some issues which have recently cropped on
list which could do with being written up for the documentation. this
means some research and gauging the consensus from the list.

- robert

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