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From Jerome Louvel <>
Subject Re: [pre-proposal] AsyncWeb
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 09:59:10 GMT

Hi all,

As users of AsyncWeb in our Restlet project (, we 
are interested in seeing it join the ASF and consolidating its efforts 
with both MINA and HttpComponents NIO.

We have a Restlet API that we are planning to submit to the JCP next 
year and that is a RESTful alternative to the Servlet API. In particular 
it has full provision for asynchronous calls, client-side and 
server-side applications, and NIO-based representations (via an interface that can expose the same 
content as either BIO streams or NIO channels).

Currently, we provide several HTTP server connectors derived from the 
following projects: Jetty 5, Jetty 6, AsyncWeb 0.8 and Simple framework 3.1.

We have also considered the development of a custom HTTP server 
connector that would be directly based on MINA and optimized for our 
Restlet API: preventing any conversion from, for example, AsyncWeb HTTP 
request/response objects to Restlet call objects.

So, we are interested in contributing to the AsyncWeb and MINA 
consolidation efforts, and in having even more common ground with those 
projects than today.


peter royal wrote :
> I have been talking with Dave Irving who is the principal developer 
> behind AsyncWeb, <>, an HTTP engine built 
> upon MINA <>, on bringing 
> the project to the ASF.
> I've started a proposal at 
> <>, assistance from 
> others would be appreciated in helping flesh it out.
> I think this would be a good addition to the ASF, as there are many 
> projects that can benefit from a Java-based non-blocking HTTP server, 
> and I would also like to see some collaboration with the HttpComponents 
> project on their HttpNIO efforts.

Jerome Louvel

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