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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] CeltiXfire Project
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 16:06:52 GMT
Lots of people use the ESB word these days to talk about lots of
different kinds of technology, so its a pretty meaningless term. (e.g.
Some Synapse folks claim its an ESB too while others claim its an
Axis2 mediation framework).

So its better to focus on the specifications which are the aims of the
project rather than these woolly marketing terms like ESB & SOA which
don't really mean anything ;)

On 6/22/06, Sanjiva Weerawarana <> wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 17:30 +0200, James Strachan wrote:
> >
> > CeltixFire is aimed at implementing the JAX-WS/JAX-WSA/JSR-181
> > standards which are the newer standards for working with SOAP &
> > WS-Addressing on the Java platform
> Thanks for the clarification. So its basically an alternate to Axis2 as
> we are working on all these specs there too; which of course is cool ..
> alternates are a good way to figure out different ways of skinning a cat
> and eventually we'll find the right way (hopefully before the cat
> dies ;-)).
> I thought XFire does all these specs too
> (; except for obviously
> JAX-WSA as that's not even done yet). So what part of Celtix (other than
> the name) is in Celtixfire in that case?
> However, I'm not certain Iona folks look at it as just an impl of these
> specs- at least that's not the impression I've gotten so far. Adi or any
> of the Iona folks can you indicate what exactly Celtixfire is from your
> point of view? Celtix is still marketed as an ESB and James' picture
> doesn't quite fit. From "Celtix 1.0
> provides users with a feature-rich, open source ESB runtime that can
> support any organization's adoption of Service Oriented Architecture
> (SOA) in the enterprise."
> I'm confused exactly what Celtixfire is going to be.
> Sanjiva.
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