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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: Kabuki and Apache process
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 16:15:18 GMT

>   I am curious of how Apache Incubator works and whether there are rules (written rules
or generally understood rules without being written down) governing issues like:
>   1. How a project can be accepted into Incubator;
>   2. How a project should be started once accepted (how soon, what kind of activity,
>   3. What happens for situations like Kabuki? Should a project be removed from Apache?

There's some rules written down at and
other documents on the site.

Once accepted, we typically work on intellectual property clearance
and setting up infrastructure (source code repository, mailing lists,
etc.) for the project.  Once that's done, work can continue on the
project using ASF infrastructure: commits into the ASF repository,
releases from ASF mirrors, etc.  Most activity that can be done on a
normal project can also be done on an incubating project, subject to
some additional oversight and checks / criteria, such as clearly
indicating the incubation status of the project in releases.

For situations like Kabuki, a number of things may happen, as I
understand it.  It could still turn out in a positive manner, if more
people indicate interest and start actively working on the project.
It could end up like Axion or Depot, which were "retired from
incubation" (see  Or
somewhere in the middle...


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