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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Fw: [VOTE] Declare Woden 1.0.0 M5
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:27:37 GMT

So far the candidate Woden M5 release has received one +1 binding vote from
Dims but requires two more +1 votes from Incubator PMC members before it
can be released. There have been no +0 or -1 votes. I'd like to ask the
Incubator PMC again to review this request and vote on it.

thanks in advance,
John Kaputin

----- Forwarded by John Kaputin/UK/IBM on 20/06/2006 23:24 -----
             MGB                                                        To 
             16/06/2006 18:08                                           cc 
             Please respond to                   
             woden-dev@ws.apac                                     Subject 
                       [VOTE] Declare Woden 1.0.0 M5       

Following the release process for projects in incubation, I'd like to
request approval for the Woden incubator project [1] to declare its
Milestone 5 release. A vote was held on the woden-dev list [2] where M5
received 5 +1 votes and no negative votes. The votes collected are as

John Kaputin +1
Lawrence Mandel +1
Chathura Herath +1
Jeremy Hughes +1
Arthur Ryman +1

As required of releases from projects in incubation, the distributable
archives contain 'incubating' in their names. The M5 archives can be found

My original post summarizing Woden 1.0.0 M5 can be found at [2].

Please vote by 5pm EST, Monday, June 19, 2006.


John Kaputin


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