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From Danese Cooper <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 01:54:58 GMT
Roy and others at Apache,

There are a few OASIS TCs that meet the requirements of Apache and  
other FOSS projects with respect to implementability without fear of  
royalty burden or patent reprisal.  The ability to do stipulate such  
provisions was hard-fought at OASIS (first by Sun and later as a  
result of the "Open Letter" sent around a year and a half ago by  
Larry Rosen, which many of us signed...including Brian Behlendorf and  
myself).  Standards put through OASIS are not automatically "safe"  
for FOSS implementation.  OSI is planning to publish a definition  
similar to the OSD to help developers quickly figure out which  
standards are FOSS safe and which are not.  In the meantime I can  
recommend OASIS XRI TC and OASIS ODF TC as two that are running  
royalty free and with patent non-assert.


On Jun 20, 2006, at 5:54 AM, Recordon, David wrote:

> This has obviously been something we've been looking at in order to do
> our own due diligence on XRI IPR before being willing to contribute  
> the
> Yadis spec to be incorporated into XRI Resolution 2.0.  Drummond Reed
> sent me the following email further explaining this issue and asked me
> to forward it along to the list for him since he had not yet  
> subscribed.
> David,
> As we discussed with you in drafting the proposal, all members of the
> OASIS XRI TC are fully prepared to sign the CCLA and any necessary
> software grants required by the ASF. In fact the OASIS XRI TC is  
> one of
> the few OASIS TCs to have written the requirement into its charter for
> its specifications to be 100% open, public, and royalty-free.  
> Following
> is the exact language from the XRI TC charter at
>> In no event shall this Technical Committee finalize or approve any
> technical
>> specification if it believes that the use, distribution, or
> implementation of
>> such specification would necessarily require the unauthorized
> infringement of
>> any third party rights known to the Technical Committee, and such
> third party
>> has not agreed to provide necessary license rights on perpetual,
> royalty-free,
>> non-discriminatory terms.
> As you know, I was personally involved not just in creating the  
> patents
> involved, but in subsequently seeing that they were contributed to a
> non-profit public trust organization,, so that they could  
> become
> open, public, royalty-free standards. Complete details of the
> contribution from to the OASIS XRI TC are on the TC IPR  
> page at:
> The TC has already
> spawned one open source project ( that uses the Apache
> license (and whose code is already incorporated into other open source
> projects).
> I am copying my XRI TC co-chair, Gabe Wachob of Visa International,  
> who
> can further attest to the depth of our commitment that the XRI  
> standards
> would be 100% free and open and compatible with all open source
> implementations.
> Best,
> =Drummond
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> From: Roy T. Fielding []
> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 5:19 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
> This space in OASIS is a festering pile of claimed patents.
> Are all of the companies involved willing to sign the CCLA and  
> software
> grants necessary to assure distribution under the Apache License?
> ....Roy
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