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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Branding of Incubator projects
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 19:56:10 GMT

On Jun 26, 2006, at 12:42 PM, sophitia que wrote:

> I would also propose:
> The PRC is willing to issue formal press releases for all podlings who
> successfully graduate from the Incubator and are interested in  
> issuing a
> press release. See below...
>> 5. Until the Incubator PMC approves a podling proposal *and* the
>> podling initial drop code is in our source code repositories, a
>> project or any affiliated persons SHOULD NOT issue any 'press
>> releases' or affirmatively seek positive publicity (such as 'seeding
>> news stories') .
> I would amend, as I see three stages:
> Podling is in proposal/or pre-code-drop process: No press  
> whatsoever.  Not
> allowed to call a project by Apache Foo name until project is  
> officially in
> incubation and code has been submitted into repositories.
> Podling has been approved for incubation/podling has launched dev  
> mailing
> lists / podling has dropped code into repository: Project and  
> affiliated
> persons can issue press releases that reference the podling, but  
> cannot
> issue press releases with the specific intent of announcing the  
> Podling.
> Podling can conduct informal pr activities, such as media outreach,  
> blog
> publicity, etc.

I'm left very unclear about what is allowed in a press release and  
what isn't.  Examples might be helpful.  Based on my confusion, I  
also don't understand why a press release saying that project X is  
starting incubation with community members x1, x2, x3, etc would be  
undesirable as long is it makes the incubation status clear.

david jencks

> Podling has been approved to graduate from the incubator: Formal press
> release, issued by the ASF.  Or jointly by the ASF and any affiliated
> organizations/groups.
> Susan

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