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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: New committers
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 05:27:08 GMT
On 6/21/06, Mike Kienenberger <> wrote:
> In previous discussions, the eventual status (subproject/project) of
> the podling was not to be considered in decisions until after the
> project graduated.    It seems like this would continue to be a good

well, the prefered status was/is being a MyFaces subproject


> top-level project instead.   Struts/WW was a little different
> situation since the immediate goal was to merge the two while
> ADFFaces/MyFaces are two different JSF-related things.   Parts of
> ADFFaces will likely (at this point) be merged into MyFaces Tomahawk,
> but nothing in ADFFaces is likely to make it into the MyFaces core.

True, since MyFaces Core is "only" the API and its Impl. There are
some common useful services/API in ADF Faces, like
ExternalRenderKitService. Those things are not bound to a specific
RenderKit. The base stuff can also be used in Tobago; but this
discussion should happen on the MyFaces list, since we are to JSF
related right now ;-)

But, I am not happy with the status of MyFaces itself. I'd like to see
a generic "JavaServer Faces" TLP like WebServices or Portals. This
project - Apache Faces - should have serveral subprojects, like:

-MyFaces (what is yet known as MyFaces Core (API and its impl)
-Tomahawk (custom components)
-Tobago (layout-oriented JSF stuff)
-Sandbox (our sandbox)
-Shared ("common" services/api usefull for all of them)

Could be interesting for Struts Shale too.


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