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From Andy Clark <>
Subject Re: Withdrawing Kabuki from Apache Incubator
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 17:47:32 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> In addition to Leo's comments, please keep in mind that code licensed
> under the Apache License, cannot be "withdrawn" from that license.
> You need not continue work on your project here, and since the Kabuki
> community had not gotten started, I don't know if there are others
> who might want to do so, but anyone with a copy of such licensed code
> will continue to have all provided rights.

Completely understood. The Kabuki toolkit will
continue to be available under the Apache license.
I've found through my personal experience that it's
one of the most approachable licenses within large
companies who want to use open source software in
their products. And the whole point is to make it
available and inter-operable for the largest number
of developers out there.

>> the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which [is now] available under the
>> Apache license.
> Not so.  Crucial key portions are under a non-Open Source license,
> thus it cannot be said that the GWT is available under the Apache
> [...]

Thanks for the correction.

Andy Clark *

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