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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Donating software for Apache Directory
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 19:17:14 GMT
Hi Venkat,

You have my attention.

Reddy, Venkat wrote:

> Hello all,
> I work for CA (formerly called as Computer Associates), and currently
> I’m a committer on couple of apache projects in the web services area.
> This is regarding donating JXplorer, a CA product, to Apache Directory
> project as wished by both CA and the ApacheDS developer community.
> JXplorer (( is a GUI LDAP client developed at CA,
> and has been open-sourced through SourceForge
> ( under a simple licence
> ( JXplorer is now very stable and a
> popular LDAP browser in the industry and is in the top 1% of Source
> Forge downloads
> (
> <>).
> This donation is also wanted
> <>
> by the ApacheDS developer community, and supposed to be a natural
> supplement as client for the Apache DS product.
Yes it adds value certainly.

> The Software Grants section at
> indicates that the donor needs execute a formal Software Grant
> agreement with the ASF. It also mentions that, this is typically done
> after negotiating approval with the ASF Incubator or one of the PMCs.
> For me, the Apache Incubator policy seems to address mostly the new
> projects, but not donating code to existing projects. I might be wrong
> here. Currently CA does not have an ASF member for nominating an
> incubation candidate and I’m not sure how to go about it without
> having a PMC member at CA. The other option seems to be getting
> approval from the PMC for the ApacheDS project. I couldn’t get the
> contact for PMC for the ApacheDS project. I suppose it is Alex.
> I’m looking for help in suggesting a process to get this software
> grant done.
We will have to incubate this donation just to vet IP and assure other
criteria are met. However I don't think it will take a very long time
for it as a Directory subproject. The Directory PMC as I recall voted in
the donation but I must fish through the archives to find it. If not we
need to take the vote once again to sponsor this subproject for incubation.

One worry I personally have is the fact that the product is pretty
stable and rather complete. There is very little work that needs to be
done on it. Will we have the needed 3 committers to support the code
base? I guess we have two people right now but this is something we can
look into.

Once the directory PMC agrees to sponsor the project ( again I think we
already did ) then we need to submit a proposal to the incubator. The
Directory PMC will take care of this. I think because we (the Directory
PMC) are sponsoring the project as a subproject and not a TLP it is
automatically accepted but I must confirm this. Can someone confirm this?

Now the sooner we get a software grant signed and faxed to the ASF
secretary the better. We need CA to fax this in.

Thanks for the donation we look forward to working with you.


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