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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] CeltiXfire Project
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:31:20 GMT
On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 01:52:02PM -0400, Sakala, Adinarayana wrote:
> Below is a project proposal for incubation consideration. 

Well-written proposal. Merging two codebases is hard though!

What is it?
> Project CeltiXfire is a SOA infrastructure framework focused on implementation of JCP
and web service 
> standards while also providing extensibility for legacy integration. It is a merge of
two matured open source 
> projects and communities, ObjectWeb Celtix ( and Codehaus
> ( It will implement the JAX-WS, JAX-WSA, and JSR-181 standards.
Core to this is 
> support for web service standards like SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, WS-I BasicProfile, WS-Security,
> WS-RM, and WS-Policy. This project will support several programming models like JAX-WS,
JBI (ServiceMix), SCA 
> (Tuscany), and CORBA services (Yoko).  We will leverage open source components wherever
possible, for example 
> we intend to use WSS4J for ws-security from the Apache Web Services project. One goal
of this project is to 
> provide public APIs that match the JSR standards. Furthermore, the scope of this project
is to provide SOA 
> infrastructure for both modern web services and for legacy systems. The seed code has
been designed to provide 
> a pluggable architecture to support both XML and non-XML type bindings in combination
with any type of 
> transport. For example, Celtix is in the process of being extended to provide a CORBA
binding as part of the 
> Apache Yoko project (in incubation). Additional examples of non-XML bindings that could
be supported in the 
> future include fixed length record bindings, which are critical to integrating mainframe
systems into a SOA. 
> The current infrastructure code is designed for flexible deployment in a variety of containers
including JBI, 
> J2EE, SCA and servlet containers.

I have absolutely no idea what the above means, but I've given up
trying to make sense of the "java enterprise" space some time ago
so that's to be expected. Nevertheless, do you think there's any
chance someone could give a technical summary of the above that the
people who haven't a clue what most of the used acronyms mean can
also understand?

Trying myself, I've always understood XFire to be a direct alternative
for Axis1 (I have yet to get to grips with Axis2, but I assume
some of the same is true there), aka a "SOAP stack". Is that somewhat
true? And then, is Celtix such a beastie as well? Can the stuff above be
summarized as "flexible, standards-compliant, robust, (insert more
popular adjectives here), SOAP stack server framework architecture
(insert more popular nouns here)"?

(and "SOAP" is a fluffy optionally-XML-heavy way to have pieces of
software talk to each other over optionally-the web, and "stack" means
that a rather big tower of software is needed to do that)

>  * Harmony: Harmony is implementing Java 5.0 and requires support for many of the JSR
that CeltiXfire will provide. 

? The one JSR mentioned above is 181 which I believe is part of Java
EE and not the JDK, right? Which JSRs are you referencing?

> The authors of the existing code have extensive experience with open
> source already. The initial list of committers includes 9 Apache Committers.
> They are involved in: 
>  * Apache Continuum 
>  * Apache Geronimo 
>  * Apache ServiceMix 
>  * Apache Tuscany 
>  * Apache Yoko 

and others :). There's also a lot of other people with names I don't recognize
at all, and some I can't seem to find at all from a quick scan of the celtix and
xfire dev lists. I think some more of an idea of who these people are and what
their existing involvement is would be nice. Perhaps the people on the initial
committer list could add details (like affiliation and which codebases they work
on now) to the wiki page?

What is needed?
> == ASF Resources to be Created ==
>  * Official Build Systems 

What does this mean?

> == Sponsor ==
> We kindly request the Incubator PMC to accept sponsorship for this proposal. 

Though some clarifications (see above) would be nice, I see no particular reason
to withold a +1 beyond that (but oh, how I would sometimes *love* to be able to
decide technical direction for the ASF :P ).


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