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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 11:52:25 GMT
Cool! A proposal that incorporates by reference is always quite hard
to read. Here's some links I personally found relevant...

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 04:04:16AM -0700, Recordon, David wrote:
> The project would start with Yadis [1] for URL/XRI-based service
> discovery, OpenID [2] for web based single-sign-on and the basis of
> exchanging profile data, and to create a desktop component with a
> standard look and feel, ideally working with the Open Source Identity
> Selector (OSIS) [3] project.

For the people wondering about the interaction between Yadis and OpenID:

(somewhat OT but nevertheless...For the people wondering about the
interaction between all this stuff and FOAF, see eg:

I wasn't able to quite figure out who/what OSIS "is" or where it "came" from
(the mailing lists are very new and don't have much traffic). What is OSIS,
and how is the question relevant?

> Initial Source
> ------------------

For the people wondering about all these different pieces of software and
if/how they fit, a sampling:

> Initial Committers 
> ------------------

For some idea of the interactions between people and background to this


Besides all the legal worries one can think of, integrating all these
different technologies, communities, specifications and implementations
is a big challenge that is not neccesarily made easier by creating an
apache project to do so. Setting up an apache-style open source project
is a lot of work and effort already even if its just about a single
implementation (in a single programming language) of a single specification.
Which of course, makes it even cooler if this stuff becomes a big success
(even if *I* personally think the technical direction is, uhm, well lets
not have that discussion here :) ). I hope y'all know exactly what you're
getting into, and I'll second "good luck" warmly!


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