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From Charles Mark <>
Subject Kabuki and Apache process
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:56:35 GMT
"Noel J. Bergman" <> wrote:  I'd like to hear from the people who ostensibly
make up the fledgling Kabuki
community. But its development should have no reflection on any other
project.  Oh yeah...Is there anybody from Kabuki that would respond? 
  The dead silence since Kabuki was accepted into Apache is concerning. It looks like that
the companies that initiatied Kabuki have no real interest in getting the project going on
at Apache. There is going to be a session at Apache EU on Kabuki by Scott Dietzen - can somebody
ask him? 
  Sam Ruby wrote:
  >I'm still willing to help with Kabuki, but Andy Clark knows those people 
>better.  I've had occasional emails with a few others on that team.

Is there any info that you can share from these occasional emails? 
  Martin Marinschek wrote:
  >I've let myself be added to the Kabuki team, to make sure I can help
>out with downstream integration.I'm disappointed that I've not heard much about it so
>far though on the mailing lists. I'm subscribed to all of them, and nothing but
>wordless silence. Not good for an incubating project. In comparison,
>ADF Faces incubation has started much later, and the mailing-lists are
>already well used for user- and development discussions.

  I myself was trying to use Kabuki when it was initially accepted into Apache,  but have
been very disappointed ever since. It looks like  that some company used Apache as a dumping
  I am curious of how Apache Incubator works and whether there are rules (written rules or
generally understood rules without being written down) governing issues like:
  1. How a project can be accepted into Incubator;
  2. How a project should be started once accepted (how soon, what kind of activity, etc).

  3. What happens for situations like Kabuki? Should a project be removed from Apache?

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